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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back from Artiscape 2010

I can't believe it is over already.  Last weekend was a whirlwind of art that left me exhausted yet fulfilled at the same time.  I had scheduled to take five classes in three days.  I think that next time I will try to focus on only three classes if I can resist. These are the classes that I took:
Creative Composition-The Layering Effect with Lesley Venable
Crossings with Sharon Andrews
Artistic Soldering for Beginners with Paula Hardesty
Triptych with Sharon Andrews
Journaling in Wax with Patricia Seggebruch

I loved every class but really excelled in the class by Lesley Venable and the soldering with Paula Hardesty.  I think it is no accident that I did better in these because they were both held in the morning and because I really connected with both of these instructors.  They were great.  I seem to do my best work when I have the class in the morning and when I sit as close to the instructor as possible.  (note to self)
The venue was great but very jam packed thus tiring - for me anyway. 

One great part of the whole experience was meeting with other artists.  For me this was great because, as I have stated in prior posts, most of my friends and family members just don't "get" my art and I don't have any art buddies that live close to me.  I met some great and talented people and also participated in some swapping.  I was a bit disappointed by the lack of swapping that was going on but still came home with some great stuff. 

I also participated in a silent auction to benefit the Susan G. Kohmen Breast Cancer Fund.  I was delighted to find out that my piece brought in $45!  This was one of the higher amounts that were raised per auction item and I luckily took some pictures of the piece before I left for the weekend which is pictured above this post.  It all started with an old metal downspout strainer.  The theme of the weekend was based on the book/movie Enchanted April and I made sure that I watched the movie prior to creating the piece.

The pieces that I made and my swaps are also pictured here. (working on this)  I have a lot of creative ideas now and just need to find time to CREATE create CREATE!  I hope to add posts more often now so check back soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marianna! I am so glad you loved your classes and am blushing at your kind words for me. :) Thank you so much for being part of my first experience at Artiscape!!!


Paula Hardesty said...

Hi Marianna - I hope you keep making your soldered pendants. It is very addictive. Thanks for the sweet words about my class. I am glad you finished your weekend with a happy heart.

Paula:) said...

Oh and Marianna - thanks for putting me as a connection on your blog. So sweet of you. Keep in touch!!!

trisha too said...

That sounds wonderful; what a fantastic opportunity, and you definitely made the most of it!


(I wish I'd been there, too!)

What a great piece; it's gorgeous. I love the clock face inside the cage; probably because I wish I could capture a little time . . .

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