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Monday, July 26, 2010


Score!  I see crowns in my near future.
Made this last week and plan on making more.

My version of the Cloth Paper Scissors May/June 2010 front cover art.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Bottle Art

More altered bottles I created this past weekend. 
I love making these!

I've also started making charms and included my Barbie hand holding the crystal ball. (sure wish I had one of these)  I also used power tools and cut, drilled, and sanded some vintage rulers to make charms with them.  I'll add some pics of those later.  I stayed up until 2am last night making a new collage background by using all the scraps of papers that were laying all over my work table and the floor.  I used gel medium to attach them to a piece of cardboard and then colored it with chalk paints, stamped, and then cut out shapes for use in ATC's, tags, future collages.  A lot of the colors reminded me of Halloween so I will probably use a bunch of them to get some early Halloween pieces done. 
Somehow amongst all of my art play, I managed to clean the house and do laundry since the temperature was below sweltering; but I hear that is going to change by tomorrow.  We don't have central air in our house and only our bedroom and my artroom have window air conditioners so unfortunately (yeah, right!) I can only stay in the art room or bedroom on those days/nights when it is hotter than Hell outside.  Guess I'll have to spend all my time at home this week in the art room.  tee hee

Here are the pictures of my scrap background before and after adding color and stamping:

The only thing I forgot to do was to make a copy of the sheet before I cut into it.  I have always thought that if I make one of these background sheets that I should make a copy so I can use it again in the future but that never seems to work out.  I get so excited about the process that I always forget to make the copy first.  Well, at least I really enjoy making these and if I don't copy them then I can say that they are truly one-of-a-kind. 
Hope you have a good week!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Another Saturday Morning" or "Work of Art" or "Free Image and It's Story"

(I couldn't decide on the title of this post so I added all three)

Yeah, here I am again.  I promised myself I would get up early today and go outside and pull those weeds before it got too hot and I really had an excuse but...I...just...can't...seem...to...pull...myself away...from art blog surfing. 
Yesterday I went to one of our local vintage resale shops and was speaking to the owner who is interested in seeing/selling/buying some of my work.  Uh Oh, there is that word, "work."  My fear is that my art will become work so I have vowed to make sure that if I sell my art that I will not make promises that I don't want to keep.  You know the type, "Sure, I can have 12 of those ready for you next week."  Or, "Yeah, I can make some of those with your Aunt Martha's picture in them in time for her birthday...this weekend."  I just don't want to take my love of creating and turn it into just another job so I vow to
1)  Still continue to make one of a kinds.
2)  Only make items that my heart urges me to make, not to try and simply please others.
3)  Create at a MY pace. 
You see, I've been there before.  I enjoyed making art and had so much of it that I began selling my pieces and then it turned into a Production Line with deadlines.  Never Again will I make this mistake.  Besides, the greatest artists created for creation's sake.  Not simply to fill a gallery right? 
If I can stick to these rules, this should be a great experience.  I would be interested to know what others feel when they see my art.  Do they "feel" it enough to purchase it and display it in their own home? 

Stay tuned...


Oh, in the meantime, here is a photo that you can add to your image file for use in your art.  I have to tell you that I found this photo in a pile of vintage papers that I bought at a garage sale.  Going through all the papers a story unfolded.  A young guy in Ohio who attended high school during the 50's was interested in photography, theater, and opening his own photography shop when he finished school.  Within all of his personal papers, I found his test scores from his classes, his reviews from plays he acted in, and a few photos of his friends that he took while honing his craft.  This is one of those photos and it seems that the girl in the photo was a friend/love interest of his.  He circled her name in all of the reviews of the plays they were both in.  I don't know if he ever got together with her, but he did finally open that photography studio somewhere in Cleveland Ohio.  In all of the shots of her, she seems to be posing as if her future dreams were to be a Hollywood star.  In one of the photos she actually gives the photographer a shot of her panites peeking out from under her dress.  I imagine that she might have actually ended up in a Playboy magazine or something. LOL.
I used this same photo in a recent piece that I made for my Year Long Workshop group.  I've added a few images of that assemblage as well.  Have fun with the picture and, as always, please send me an email and photos of what you have created with the images I offer you.  I would LOVE to see them.

Well, now I MUST get up and see about those weeds.


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