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Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Family Legacy"

I bought this vintage picture at a garage sale last summer.  I love how each family member, even though touching another, seems so uncomfortable and staged.  While working with the photo, I imagined that they rarely physically or emotionally connected which is why it looks so forced in the photo.  If you look at each of them individually, you can easily imagine that each could have been posing for a picture alone rather than as part of a family.  My mind then wonders if this was a family in which emotions were not considered an important or valuable aspect of life and that this disconnect was a legacy that was passed down from generation to generation. 
Even though I understand that during the time in which this picture was taken getting photographed was an occasion and most didn't smile for these serious portraits, this particular picture still tells me a story.

I have a friend who won't touch or look at any of my art that is made from these old photographs.  She thinks that the spirit of the person in the photo might come back and haunt those who 'defiled' their likeness.  Shoot, I hope that if someone finds a picture of me in a hundred years that they make something fun/artistic out of it.  I'll be sure to smile kindly on them, not haunt them.
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niki said...

I so enjoyed reading this, wow you have given me something to think about. I would also very much like it if someone could use a picture of me in a 100 years time and make something useful out of it, preferably something fun but I would be sure not to curse them either ;-)).

Kathy said...

I don't think I'd haunt anyone either - if a picture of me lasts 100 years that'd be amazing! :)

Marianna - thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you at Scott's Antique Market - our space numbers are 2755 & 2756. Looking forward to a great show!

Take care, Kathy

Dawn said...

my daughter feels the same as your friend, me I think that I am bringing them back to life... love what you did with it xxx

gale said...

This was great!!!

Paula Hardesty said...

Hi Marianna,
Thanks again for coming to my class and for the great little packet of goodies. It was so sweet of you. I plan on following your blog. Come check mine out. www.paulahardestysblog.blogspot.com
have fun creating!!!!
Paula Hardesty

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow,With as many old photos as I've used I must have an entire city haunting me! LOL. Love your story about the family, really made me go back and check them out further! Great piece and thanks for your kinds words at your last visit!

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